Breaking Bad: “Ozymandias” Predictions

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Breaking Bad is coming to a close in three short weeks.  The same may be said of my life, depending on which way the Empire crumbles. I am SINCERELY worried about what I’m to become in 2014 (yes, AMC, I’ve noticed you airing Mad Men “teasers” while I’m already hyperventilating throughout Breaking Bad – not cool)

Obviously, do not read ahead if you’re not caught up!  Also, they’re just predictions, meaning they are in no way accurate representations of what will happen.

Some of the predictions that I have for Ozymandias, the next episode of Breaking Bad:

1. Gomie gets killed.

This is one of the more obvious predictions, but it goes without saying that if/when it happens, it will be heartbreaking.

Also, Steven Michael Quezada appeared on this week’s Talking Bad, and something about the way he interviewed made me a little bit nervous for the future of Gomez.  I could go back and check the tense of each of his sentences, but that would be too much work for a prediction that may not come true!

2. Jesse manages to start Walt’s car and gets away, semi-unscathed.

I am not sure if this is something that could happen, but the show has done crazier things.  If this happens, will Jesse pick up Hank/Gomie? Will he attempt to run down Todd?  Did Walt even leave the keys in the ignition when he jumped out of the car? We’ll find out on Sunday.

3. Hank dies; Marie goes BANANAS.

A lot of viewers have the feeling that Hank cannot escape death for the fourth time (the first being the unexpected Tuco-shoot out, the second being the Texas DEA explosion, and the third being the Salamanca brothers).  However, based on these past encounters, it stands to reason that Hank is very resilient.

But if Hank does not make it out, Marie is likely the one who starts the vandalism/destruction of the White home.  We know she’s got a bad streak.

4. Skyler admits something (anything) to Walt Jr. and gets him and the baby the hell out of there.

Skyler/Walt Jr. have to be alerted to their imminent demise in the next episode and thusly plan their escape.  There are only two left after “Ozymandias.” How is Walt going to have time to get relocated Massachusetts if his family doesn’t get out now?

5. Saul has Walt contact the cleaner, then contacts the cleaner for himself and gets the hell out of ABQ.

Hopefully, the Saul Goodman prequel greenlit by AMC does not mean that there is no future for Saul in the end of Breaking Bad.  I’d like to think that the disappearance of Huell has taken a toll on Saul and that he’s finally stopped trusting Walter long enough to save his own skin.

6. The assault rifle/ricin that Walter retrieves in the flashback are for Todd’s gang/Lydia, respectively.

I do not know how Walter thinks he’s going to use an assault rifle, but I’m guessing that the White Power Gang does not leave Walt alone about this one last cook. As a means of abdication, Walt has to destroy all of his remaining ties to his former Empire (giving Lydia the gentlest death, and also, the original death that he intended for her at the end of Season 5A).

Any thoughts about your own predictions?


6 thoughts on “Breaking Bad: “Ozymandias” Predictions

  1. Hank and Gomie die. Marie knows Hank caught Walt, so Walt can’t go home. Todd’s crew kidnap Jessie (Gomie had the keys) and make him the cook. Walt calls Saul and orders a vacuum cleaner part. The Whites split for New Hampshire and ABQ goes crazy. Walt returns to save Jessie and wipe out the Nazis/Lydia. It’s a love story. My two cents.

  2. Gomie takes the keys out of Walts pocket before he says “he’s clean” to Hank. And I don’t think he put them in Walts car with Jesse.

  3. Just watched the last two minutes again, and the last time we see Jesse is right before the shooting begins, touching the door handle but then changing his mind. We see Walt in the car, ducking down into the seats; isn’t it odd that we don’t see Jesse during the shoot out?

    Also, it bothers me that we never really heard Jesse’s confession to Hank? How do we know what he really said? I guess it doesn’t matter after Walt spilled everything in the phone call. Going along with that, I think it’s significant that Walt, who minutes earlier was plotting to have someone else kill Jesse for him, calls Jesse a coward. Isn’t it a bit hypocritical? I feel like these issues need to resolved. As for the other two, I don’t see how they possibly survive unless there’s a get-away car.

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